Purchase G.P.S.

Various G.P.S. units are on the market

Some of the more common manufacturers are Garmin, Tom Tom, Motorola and Magellan. Shown are some examples of navigation devices. Most have G.P.S. voice guides installed. Software can be added to change the voice guide audio. Men or women voices. Electronic computer generated navigation.  

Portable Tom Tom G.P.S. 5 inch, life-time maps.

Magellan RoadMate G.P.S. with built in dash cam.

Hand held global positioning  satellite devices are great for back packing and camping. Model shown includes world base map. Wireless connectivity and more.

Professional G.P.S. radar kit.

Blue-tooth, life-time maps and traffic. Garmin Nuvi. 

Marine navigation units. A must for safe boating. Visit Boat Buoy for marine weather and navigation resources.


Lowrance G.P.S. HD plotting.


Bear Grylls Bushnell G.P.S.

Bushnell Bear Grylls Edition.